Kevin Strouse - Combat Veteran, CIA Officer, Family Man

Kevin Strouse

Kevin Strouse grew up in a family with a rich history of service to country and community. Kevin’s family has served Southeast Pennsylvania and the United States in the Armed Services since the Revolutionary War, including his father, who fought in Vietnam, and both of his grandfathers, who served in World War II.

As Kevin approached his graduation from Columbia University in 2001, he decided to follow in his family’s footsteps and join the United States Army. Kevin wanted to serve in the toughest unit in the Army, so he volunteered for Army Ranger training. After graduating with a degree in literature in May 2001, Kevin left for Basic Training in Ft. Benning, Georgia.

Three months later, while Kevin was in the last weeks of basic training, terrorists attacked the World Trade Center on September 11th, 2001.

Fighting Terrorism Abroad

Kevin's father, Robert, pinning Ranger Tab

Photo: Kevin's father, Robert, pinning on Kevin's Ranger Tab after the completion of Ranger school.

Kevin completed three tours in Afghanistan and one tour in Iraq with the Rangers.

During his tours in Afghanistan, Kevin participated in combat operations to neutralize Taliban safe havens, often along the Pakistani border and into areas where no other soldiers had been.

In addition to his service in Afghanistan, Kevin was part of the initial invasion of Iraq in 2003. He participated in the mission to rescue Jessica Lynch after the bitter fighting at An-Nasiriyah, and with his unit frequently conducted multiple missions each day in different areas of the country, including in Baghdad, Tikrit, and western Iraq.

Kevin finished his service with the Army Rangers in 2004 and considers it a privilege to have served his country in its time of greatest need. He learned to succeed under the most extreme circumstances through teamwork, diligence, and selflessness.

Protecting Our Country

After leaving the Army, Kevin wanted to continue serving his country by joining the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Kevin spent his first six years in the Counterterrorism Center helping to protect the US from terrorists by working with a team of analysts to detect, analyze, and inform policymakers of threats to US interests at home and abroad. His work included tours to Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East. Kevin regularly briefed senior US policy makers and military officials on top national security issues.

In his final two years at the CIA, Kevin stepped up to lead a team of intelligence officers looking at illicit financial threats to the US. Overseeing strategic planning, budget and staff management, Kevin served in this position until he left the CIA in early 2013.

At the CIA, Kevin dealt with high-stress circumstances that required working through disagreements, cutting through complexity, and putting his team ahead of himself in order to get the job done.

Attending School on the GI Bill

Like millions of veterans before and after him, Kevin used the educational allowance in the GI Bill he earned in the military to attend school. Kevin obtained his Masters, with honors, in Security Studies from Georgetown University in 2009.

Raising a Family

Strouse Family

Photo: Kevin with his wife, Amy, and their children Walter and Charlotte.

After Kevin completed his service with the CIA, Kevin and his wife, Amy, settled in Middletown to be closer to family and raise their two children—Walter, who is three years old, and Charlotte, who is a year old—in Bucks County’s excellent public schools and neighborhoods.

Serving Our Community

Kevin currently works as the Program Director of Teach2Serve, founded in Solebury. Through Teach2Serve, Kevin continues his career of service by working with several high schools in the region to implement curriculum to give students knowledge and skills to improve the world around them through philanthropy and community service.

Serving Our Country

Drawing on his career of service to country and community, Kevin aims to bring new leadership to Pennsylvania’s 8th District in Congress.