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Democrat for Congress in Pennsylvania's 8th District

I’m Kevin Strouse, and I’m running for Congress to end the gridlock in Washington, and get our country back on track. I want to put to use the problem-solving skills I developed with the Army Rangers and at the CIA by fighting for America’s middle class. Learn More

The Latest From The Campaign

Congressman Fitzpatrick Caught Encouraging Supporters to Commit Voter Fraud

Congressman Fitzpatrick’s campaign caught red-handed imploring supporters to break Pennsylvania absentee voting regulations Bristol, PA -- Today it was revealed that Congressman Fitzpatrick’s campaign was caught red-handed encouraging its supporters to commit voter fraud by urging them to fraudulently cast absentee ballots. … READ MORE

“So proud of all of the volunteers working hard across the district. Let’s win this thing! #GOTV”


Fitzpatrick is Hiding from His Anti Middle-Class Agenda and Allegiance to Wal-Mart

Congressman Fitzpatrick Frequently Votes Against the Interests of his Middle Class Constituents Bristol, PA -  Congressman Fitzpatrick is running away from his anti middle-class record. While Fitzpatrick has recently claimed that he supports raising the minimum wage, he voted against doing so last year. This makes it even more problematic that the Congr…… READ MORE

“This election comes down to a choice between failed leadership of the past, or new independent thinking #ForUs”